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Oil Change

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine and is essential to its smooth operation. Its main role is to lubricate engine parts and reduce friction, which would otherwise lead to excessive component wear. In addition to reducing friction, engine oil also helps to cool, seal and clean engine components as it works. However, over time the oil becomes contaminated and gradually loses its lubrication properties. It is vitally important to ensure that your car’s engine oil and filter are replaced at the recommended intervals.

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For small to medium sized gasoline passenger cars and SUVs we offer several service packages, such as our Regular Oil Change which starts at just $79.99 (includes regular oil and oil filter). Customers can also upgrade to our signature Valvoline™ Oil and Filter Change which features a FREE 15-point inspection of critical systems in your car. Package starts at just $125.00 and includes Valvoline™ conventional oil and filter. Other options are available. Contact us today to learn more or schedule a service online.


Properly maintaining your vehicle will not only ensure its safe operation and reliability, but may also improve fuel efficiency as well as help maintain its resale value. You can rely on Carfax246 to take care of all your vehicle maintenance needs. Our basic tune-up package starts at just $240.00 and involves replacing oil and oil filter, air filter and spark plugs as well as checking other fluids such as coolant, brake, transmission and washer fluids. Customers can also upgrade to Valvoline conventional or synthetic motor oil. Call us today to schedule a service.
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Servicing is an essential part of your vehicle's maintenance program. In addition to enhancing the car's overall appearance, it also serves a few other practical purposes. First, the removal of dust and dirt from inside the vehicle helps to create a much more healthy environment for the occupants. Second, a clean engine cools more efficiently and this will help improve overall performance. Lastly, keeping the engine compartment and undercarriage clean allows for the identification of leaks, damage or other emerging problems with your vehicle.

Our vehicle servicing package includes exterior and underbody wash, engine clean and interior vacuum. Starting at $110.00, it can be combined with any of our other services.

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Vehicle Inspection

Periodic inspection and maintenance of critical systems on your vehicle are vital to ensuring its safety and reliability on the road. Our mechanical inspection service involves a detailed examination of the following systems: steering and suspension, cv joints and boots, brake system, hoses and fan belts, cooling system, tyres, battery and alternator as well as exterior lamp function. Starting at only $120.00, this inspection should be carried out at least once yearly. Call us today to schedule an inspection.
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