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Vehicle valuation and roadworthy reports are normally required in order to secure financing or obtain motor insurance. Institutions typically require these evaluations to ensure that vehicles meet certain minimum standards before any business can be conducted. Carfax246 provides vehicle valuations and roadworthy E-Certificates primarily for insurance purposes and customers are required to make an appointment to have their cars inspected. Same-day vehicle inspections can be arranged so there is no undue waiting period.

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Valuations are normally requested for vehicles which are to be insured comprehensively. Our valuation calculations take into consideration a vehicle’s nominal depreciated value as well as the actual price similar vehicles are being sold for on the open market. Other considerations which can affect a vehicle’s value are mileage, current condition as well as accident history.

Roadworthy reports are typically required for older vehicles which tend to be insured under a third party policy. This is necessary to ensure that these vehicles meet minimum safety requirements. Following is a partial list of vehicle systems which must be inspected:

Getting Your Car Appraised

Getting your car appraised has never been easier! Simply contact us via telephone, email or social media to make your appointment. Next, bring your vehicle to our facility to have it inspected. Be sure to bring along evidence of ownership (e.g. an insurance or registration document) as well as valid photo identification. Your vehicle report is available in printed form or as an E-Certificate which can be sent directly to your insurer via email. Contact us today to get started.


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Vehicle Inpection

Our trained personnel will carry out the assessment based on vehicle year, make, model and current condition.


Your valuation or roadworthy report is available in print form or as an E-Certificate which can be sent to you via email, WhatsApp etc.

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Vehicle Appraisals - Tune-up - Services - About Carfax246 - Maintenance - Oil Change - Roadside Assistance

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Vehicle Appraisals - Tune-Up - Services - About Carfax246 - Maintenance - Oil Change - Roadside Assistance

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Vehicle Appraisals - Tune-up - Services - About Carfax246 - Maintenance - Oil Change - Roadside Assistance

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