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The Carfax246 brand is owned by M-Tech Logistics Corporation, a privately owned, dynamic and innovative Information Technology Company located in Barbados. Carfax246 specializes in the collection and analysis of automotive industry data, and this information is shared with the general public as a free service. Our technical team includes individuals with over thirty years’ experience in various aspects of the automotive, insurance and I.T. industries. We believe in the powerful, transformative impact technology can have in our daily lives, and our mission is to educate the public, improve standards and create new opportunities for our business partners.

The Carfax Contributor Program

In order to be able to provide up to date information on our website we rely on members of the public and institutions to share industry data (e.g., recent vehicle valuations) with us. After this data is processed, the results are made available online. No individual vehicle or personal data is shared publicly. To become a Carfax Contributor simply contact us or complete the online form. We welcome your assistance.


Our Services
1. Market value guide
2. Accident history info
3. Car valuations
4. Roadworthy Certificate
5. Parts & Accessories
6. Shop finance
7. Shop insurance
8. Automotive news
9. Product advertising
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Getting auto finance has never been easier! Use our Finance Calculator to estimate monthly payments for your dream car. Then, fill out and submit our Auto Finance Form to get great offers on car loans from major finance companies.
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Get the best protection for your investment. The right auto insurance policy is the one that works for you, and that covers you properly for the kind of vehicle you have and the driving you do. Carfax246.com's online Motor Insurance Quote feature makes it easy for you to shop for insurance coverage without the hassle of leaving home, calling around or going from one website to another.
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